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    Social Events
    Cagliari city tour ..."On the top of the city"
    Cagliari city tour… "from another point of view!"

Cagliari City Tour Program

Aperitif under the Devil’s Saddle (in sailing yacht)

The aim is to slide on the water pushed by the air. The boat is like a point of contact between two elements, water and air, the sea and the wind. The latter is invisible like the spirit to which he has often been related, yet possesses great power.

Program and details

Duration of the experience: two hours. – Maximum 15 people – Start time: 7 p.m.

• Departure from the port of Cagliari with two sailing yachts with skipper;
• Sailing at sunset in the Gulf of Cagliari with tasting of typical products and bubbles to be enjoyed in the shade of the Devil’s Saddle;
• Sailing with return to the port of Cagliari.

Price all included: € 75,00 each one.

Sportswear and shoes with smooth soles are required.
The carrying out of the activity is conditioned by the weather situation: In case of impossibility to sail the fee will be fully refunded!